Strategy 2.0

We believe in “Strategy 2.0,” a new approach which matches our clients’ need for speed. We develop and maintain winning digital strategies by being nimble, networked and neutral.


Our clients have to stay flexible. They operate in rapidly changing verticals where disruptive technologies and new entrants change the landscape almost daily.

Fast startups use SCRUM techniques to shorten product development timelines. We’ve adapted this way of working to create product strategies and to ensure they remain relevant during times of permanent change.


Strategy 2.0 is based on the new reality of the networked society. Insight and information is more freely shared than ever before. Our role is to filter the wealth of intelligence for clients, providing context and relevance.


The Sound Horizon is free of any hardware, software, legal or accountancy agenda. Unlike traditional consulting models which rely on applying standard methodologies, our only interest is finding solutions to each client’s unique challenges.